Withholding of grant

7.  The Scottish Ministers may withhold in whole or in part, permanently or for such time as they may determine, grants which would otherwise be payable to a police authority under these Regulations, if they determine that any of the following conditions are not fulfilled, namely:–

(a)that the civil defence functions of the police authority are and have been efficiently performed;

(b)that the police authority have complied with any directions issued by the Scottish Ministers with which they are bound to comply under paragraph (a) of section 2(2) of the Act;

(c)that the police authority maintains and has maintained an efficient system of store records in respect of articles required in connection with the civil defence functions of the police authority being articles which it has been provided with free on loan by any government department or which it has acquired with the aid of grant for the purposes of their civil defence functions;

(d)that the Scottish Ministers have received from the police authority such information, estimates, books, records and other documents relating to the authority’s discharge of their civil defence functions as they have required.