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Review of DeterminationsN.I.

4.—(1) The Department may establish such procedure as it thinks appropriate for the review by it or on its behalf of a relevant determination.

(2) The procedures established under paragraph (1) shall—

(a)provide for a review of a relevant determination to be carried out on the application of the person to whom it was directed,

(b)provide for the manner of making any such application; and

(c)provide for the time within which supporting evidence is to be submitted for the purposes of a review of the relevant determination.

(3) Any such procedure so established may, in particular, provide for consideration of the initial determination by such persons (not exceeding three) as the Department may appoint for that purpose, with a view to their making a report of their conclusions in relation to the initial determination and a recommendation as to the manner in which the matter should be finally determined.

(4) Where the Department establishes any such procedure as is mentioned in paragraph (3), it may—

(a)pay to the persons so appointed such reasonable remuneration in respect of their functions under that procedure, and such travelling and other allowances, as it may determine; and

(b)charge any applicant whose application is considered under the procedure so established such fee (not exceeding [F1£200]) as the Department may determine in respect of the costs incurred by it by virtue of the operation of that procedure in relation to the review in question.

(5) Any procedure such as is mentioned in paragraph (3) may provide that, where the Department decides to charge fees under paragraph (4)(b), a review in respect of which a fee is payable shall not proceed unless the application for that review is accompanied by the fee.

(6) Where, in pursuance of any such procedure as is mentioned in paragraph (3), a relevant determination is—

(a)amended, altered or modified; or

(b)revoked or substituted by another determination,

any fee payable by a person under paragraph (4)(b) in respect of the review shall be refunded to that person.