Appointed Days

2.  Except as provided by Article 3, the day appointed for the coming into operation of the following provisions of the 2014 Act is 1st April 2015—

(a)section 1 (dissolution of the Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission);

(b)sections 2 to 5 (the Director of Legal Aid Casework);

(c)section 11 (repeals), in so far as it relates to Schedule 3, Part 1;

(d)Schedule 1 (transfer of assets, liabilities and staff of Commission);

(e)in Schedule 2 (amendments)—

(i)paragraphs 1 to 5;

(ii)paragraph 6(2) to (8);

(iii)paragraph 6(32) to (34);

(iv)paragraph 6(37)(a) and (b);

(v)paragraph 6(39) to (41);

(vi)paragraph 6(42), in so far as it was not commenced by section 12(2)(d)(vi) of the 2014 Act;

(vii)paragraph 6(44)(d);

(viii)paragraph 6(45);

(ix)paragraphs 7 to 11;

(and section 6 so far as relating to those provisions); and

(f)Schedule 3, Part 1 (legal aid).