Article 2


Provisions of the ActSubject matter
Section 1Animals to which this Act applies
Section 2Protected animals
Section 3Responsibility for animals
Section 4Unnecessary suffering
Section 5(5)(a)(iv) and (6)Prohibited procedures
Section 6(16) and (17)Docking of dogs’ tails
Section 7Administration of poisons, etc.
Section 8Fighting etc.
Section 9Ensuring welfare of animals
Section 11Regulations for securing welfare of animals
Section 12Licensing or registration of activities involving animals
Section 13Prohibition on keeping certain animals
Section 14Abandonment
Section 15Transfer of animals by way of sale or prize to persons under 16
Section 16Codes of practice
Section 17Powers in relation to animals in distress
Section 18Power of entry for section 17 purposes
Section 19Orders in relation to animals taken under section 17(5)
Section 20Orders under section 19: appeals
Section 21Seizure of animals involved in fighting offences
Section 22Entry and search under warrant in connection with offences
Section 23Inspection of records required to be kept by holder of licence
Section 24Inspection in connection with licences
Section 25Inspection in connection with registration
Section 26Inspection of premises to check compliance with regulations made under section 13
Section 28Inspection relating to Community obligations
Section 30Time limits for prosecutions
Section 31Penalties
Section 32Deprivation
Section 33Disqualification
Section 34Seizure of animals in connection with disqualification
Section 35Section 34: supplementary
Section 36Destruction in the interests of an animal
Section 37Destruction of animals involved in fighting offences
Section 38Reimbursement of expenses relating to animals involved in fighting offences
Section 39Forfeiture of equipment used in offences
Section 40Orders under section 32, 34, 36, 37 or 39: pending appeals
Section 41Orders with respect to licences
Section 42Termination of disqualification under section 33 or 41
Section 43Orders made on conviction for reimbursement of expenses
Section 44Orders for reimbursement of expenses: right of appeal for non-offenders
Section 46Conditions for grant of warrant
Section 47Powers of entry, inspection and search: supplementary
Section 48Power to stop and detain vehicles
Section 49Power to detain vessels, etc.
Section 50Obtaining of documents in connection with carrying out orders, etc.
Section 51Offences by bodies corporate
Section 52Scientific research
Section 53Hunting, coursing and fishing
Section 54Application to the Crown
Section 55Orders and regulations
Section 57Minor and consequential amendments and repeals
Section 58Transitional provision
Schedule 2Regulations under section 12
Schedule 3Powers of entry, inspection and search: supplementary
Schedule 4Minor and consequential amendments
Schedule 5Repeals
The entries in Schedule 5 relating to the Welfare of Animals Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 are repealed to the extent specified in Schedule 2 of this Order