PART 1General

Responsibility for implementation of the ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe Directive

4.—(1) For the purposes of Article 3 (Responsibilities) of the Directive (other than for the purposes specified in Article 3(f) of the Directive), the Department shall be the competent authority responsible for—

(a)assessment of ambient air quality;

(b)approval of measurement systems (methods, equipment, networks and laboratories);

(c)ensuring the accuracy of measurements;

(d)analysis of assessment methods;

(e)co-ordination of European Community-wide quality assurance programmes organised by the European Commission, save in so far as that co-ordination entails communication with the European Commission;

(2) The Department in discharging its responsibilities in compliance with paragraph (1) and any Department exercising functions in compliance with paragraph (3) shall comply with Section C of Annex I to the Directive.

(3) Where a Northern Ireland department has functions relevant to the assessment and maintenance of ambient air quality, it shall exercise those functions so as to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Directive.