Additional particulars to be recorded in the register

6.  The additional particulars set out below are prescribed for the purposes of Article 212(h) (additional particulars to be recorded in the register in respect of each deed of arrangement presented for registration)—

(a)the number of the deed;

(b)the date of declaration by the trustee that a majority of creditors has assented to the deed;

(c)where, pursuant to Article 221, a majority of creditors dispense with the trustee giving security—

(i)the date of declaration of the dispensation, and

(ii)the date of certificate that the dispensation has been so given;

(d)in a case of avoidance of a deed—

(i)the date of any order of the High Court pursuant to Article 221(3), and

(ii)the date of any notice by the trustee pursuant to Article 217;

(e)in a case where a new trustee is appointed—

(i)the name and address of the new trustee,

(ii)by whom the trustee was appointed, and

(iii)the date of appointment.