The principal Order

48.—(1) Amend Schedule 12 (basis of valuation) as follows.

(2) In Part I (general rule)—

(a)in paragraph 2(1)—

(i)for “the valuation list” where it first occurs substitute “a valuation list”;

(ii)for “the valuation list” in the second place where it occurs substitute “that list”;

(b)omit paragraph 3.

(3) In paragraph 1 of Part 1A (sporting rights), after sub-paragraph (2) insert the following sub-paragraph—

(2A) For the purposes of determining the capital value of the hereditament, the right of sporting shall be treated as if it did not exist..

(4) In Part II (farmhouses etc.), the existing provision shall become paragraph 1 and after it add the following paragraph—

2.  The capital value of a house occupied and used as mentioned in paragraph 1 shall be estimated on the assumption (in addition to those mentioned in Part I) that the house will always be so occupied and used..

(5) In Part IV (railways), in paragraph 2, for “valuation list” wherever it occurs substitute “NAV list”.

(6) In Part XIII (caravan sites)—

(a)omit paragraph 2(2) and (3);

(b)in paragraph 3(1), for “valuation list” substitute “NAV list”.