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Abolition of presumption of advancementN.I.

16.—(1) The presumption of advancement is abolished in relation to married or engaged couples.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall not have effect in relation to anything done before the coming into operation of this Article or anything done pursuant to any obligation incurred before the coming into operation of this Article.

Abolition of common law duty to maintainN.I.

17.  Any rule of common law that a husband must maintain his wife is abolished.

Housekeeping allowanceN.I.

18.  If any question arises (whether during or after a marriage) as to the right of a party to a marriage to money derived from any allowance made by either party for the expenses of the matrimonial home or for similar purposes, or to any property acquired out of such money, the money or property shall, in the absence of any agreement between them to the contrary, be treated as belonging to each party in equal shares.