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Amendments to the 1998 OrderN.I.

The General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland: fees and proceduresN.I.

35.—(1) Chapter I of Part VI of the 1998 Order (the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland) shall be amended as follows.

(2) In Article 35(3) (person not to be employed as teacher unless registered) at the beginning there shall be inserted “ Subject to such exceptions as may be provided for by or under regulations, ”.

(3) In Article 36(3)(f)(iii) (procedures in connection with cases of misconduct to be specified in regulations) after the words “specified in” there shall be inserted “ or determined under ”.

(4) After Article 36(4) (regulations to authorise charging of fees by Council in respect of certain matters) there shall be inserted—

(4A) The Council, in exercising any power to fix fees authorised by virtue of paragraph (4), shall have regard to the expenditure of the Council in exercising—

(a)its functions under this Order relating to registration; and

(b)all other functions conferred on it under this Order or any other statutory provision. .