Age of responsibility

3.  It shall be conclusively presumed that no child under the age of 10 can be guilty of an offence.

Child’s welfare

4.  In any proceedings for an offence, the court shall have regard to—

(a)the welfare of any child brought before it; and

(b)the general principle that any delay in dealing with a child is likely to prejudice his welfare.

Words not to be used in relation to children dealt with summarily

5.—(1) The words “conviction” and “sentence” shall not be used in relation to children dealt with summarily.

(2) Any reference in any statutory provision (whenever passed or made) to a person convicted, a conviction or a sentence shall in the case of a child be construed as including a reference to a child found guilty of an offence, a finding of guilt or an order made upon such finding, as the case may be.