Discrimination by other bodies


12.—(1) It is unlawful for a firm consisting of 6 or more partners, in relation to a position as partner in the firm, to discriminate against a person—

(a)in the arrangements they make for the purpose of determining who should be offered that position; or

(b)in the terms on which they offer him that position; or

(c)by refusing or deliberately omitting to offer him that position; or

(d)in a case where the person already holds that position—

(i)in the way they afford him access to any benefits, facilities or services, or by refusing or deliberately omitting to afford him access to them; or

(ii)by expelling him from that position, or subjecting him to any other detriment.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall apply in relation to persons proposing to form themselves into a partnership as it applies in relation to a firm.

(3) Paragraph (1)(a) and (c) do not apply to a position as partner where, if it were employment, being of a particular racial group would be a genuine occupational qualification for the job.

(4) In this Article—

(a)“firm” has the meaning given by section 4 of the [1890 c. 39.] Partnership Act 1890; and

(b)references to a partner shall, in the case of a limited partnership, be construed as references to a general partner as defined in section 3 of the [1907 c. 24.] Limited Partnerships Act 1907.