Code of practice

Code of practice

4.—(1) The Department shall issue, and may from time to time amend, a code of practice giving practical guidance in respect of the discharge by boards and the Boards of Governors of grant-aided schools of their functions under this Part.

(2) It shall be the duty of—

(a)boards and Boards of Governors of grant-aided schools exercising functions under this Part, and

(b)any other person exercising any function for the purpose of the discharge by boards and Boards of Governors of grant-aided schools of functions under this Part,

to have regard to the provisions of the code.

(3) On any appeal, the Tribunal shall have regard to any provision of the code which appears to the Tribunal to be relevant to any question arising on the appeal.

(4) The Department shall publish the code as for the time being in force.

Making and amendment of code

5.—(1) Where the Department proposes to issue or amend a code of practice, it shall prepare a draft of the code (or amendment).

(2) The Department shall consult such persons about the draft as the Department thinks fit and shall consider any representations made by them.

(3) If the Department determines to proceed with the draft (either in its original form or with such modifications as the Department thinks fit), the Department shall issue the code or amendment to the code in the form of the draft and the code or amendment shall come into force on such day as the Department may by order appoint.