SCHEDULE 3Amendments

The Electricity (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 (NI 1)

11.  Schedule 4 (other powers of licence holders) shall be amended in accordance with paragraphs 12 to 18.

12.  In paragraph 1(1) at the appropriate place insert—

and in paragraph 1(3) for “2 to 7” substitute “3 to 6”.

13.  In paragraphs 2 to 6, for the word “road” in each place where it occurs substitute “street”.

14.  In paragraph 2(1) for “Subject to Article 15 of the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1980” substitute “Subject to the Street Works Northern Ireland) Order 1995”.

15.  At the end of paragraph 5 add—

(9) In this paragraph “owners” means any of the persons mentioned in paragraphs (a), (b) or (c) of sub-paragraph (1)..

16.  In paragraph 6(2) for “(2) to (7)” substitute “(4) to (6)”.

17.  In paragraph 8 for “paragraphs 2 to 7” substitute “paragraph 3 or 4”.

18.  In paragraph 15 after sub-paragraph (4) insert—

(4A) Where it is proposed to search or bore in pursuance of this paragraph in a street within the meaning of the Street Works (Northern Ireland) Order 1995—

(a)Article 15 of that Order (notice of starting date of works), so far as it requires notice to be given to a person having apparatus in the street which is likely to be affected by the works,

(b)Article 29 of that Order (requirements to be complied with where works likely to affect another person’s apparatus in the street), and

(c)Article 42 of that Order (liability for damage or loss caused),

have effect in relation to the searching or boring as if they were street works within the meaning of that Order..