The street works register

The street works register

13.—(1) The Department shall keep a register showing with respect to each street such information as may be prescribed with respect to the street works, and such other descriptions of works as may be prescribed, executed or proposed to be executed in the street.

(2) The register shall contain such other information, and shall be kept in such form and manner, as may be prescribed.

(3) The Department shall make the register available for inspection, at all reasonable hours and free of charge—

(a)so far as it relates to restricted information, by any person having authority to execute works of any description in the street, or otherwise appearing to the Department to have a sufficient interest, and

(b)so far as it relates to information which is not restricted, by any person.

(4) The Department may by regulations make provision with respect to any register kept in pursuance of this Article—

(a)requiring the registration of such information as may be prescribed, and

(b)requiring the payment of such fee as may be prescribed in respect of the registration of information of any prescribed description;

and the regulations may contain provision as to the person responsible for securing the registration of the information and the person liable to pay the fee.