Handling of complaints, etc.

Investigation of complaints against senior officers

6.—(1) Where a complaint about the conduct of a senior officer—

(a)is submitted to the Police Authority; or

(b)is sent to the Police Authority under Article 4(3), it shall be the Authority’s duty to record it and, subject to paragraph (2), to investigate it.

(2) The Police Authority may deal with the complaint according to the Authority’s discretion, if satisfied that the conduct complained of, even if proved, would not justify a criminal or disciplinary charge.

(3) In any other case the Police Authority shall appoint a member of the police force or a member of another United Kingdom police force to investigate the complaint.

(4) The Chief Constable shall provide a member of the police force to be appointed, if a request is made to him for one to be appointed under paragraph (3).

(5) No member of the police force may be appointed under paragraph (3) unless he is of at least the rank of the member against whom the complaint is made.

(6) Unless an investigation under this Article is supervised by the Commission under Article 9, the person appointed under paragraph (3) shall submit his report on the investigation to the Police Authority.