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Title and commencementN.I.

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Agricultural Trust (Abolition) (Northern Ireland) Order 1981.

(2) Commencement


2.—(1) In this Order—

(2) The Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954 [1954 c.33] shall apply to Article 1 and the following provisions of this Order as it applies to a Measure of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

F1appointed day SR 1981/183

Abolition of the Agricultural TrustN.I.

3.—(1) The Agricultural Trust shall cease to exist on the appointed day.

(2) Any rights or obligations of the Agricultural Trust and any property held by the Trust shall, on the appointed day, become rights, obligations and property of the Department.

(3) On and after the appointed day, anything which, apart from paragraph (1), would be required or permitted to be done by or to the Agricultural Trust shall or may be done by or to the Department.

(4) Any legal proceedings to which the Agricultural Trust is a party may be continued on and after the appointed day by or in relation to the Department.

(5) Every contract, agreement, licence and authority, whether written or not, and every deed, bond, instrument and document in effect immediately before the appointed day which relates to property, rights or obligations of the Agricultural Trust which are vested in the Department by paragraph (2) shall continue in effect but subject to the following modifications—

(a)if the Trust is a party thereto, the Department shall be substituted as that party;

(b)for a reference (however worded and whether express or implied) to the Trust there shall, as respects anything falling to be done or occurring on or after the appointed day, be substituted a reference to the Department.

(6) An employee of the Trust is not transferred to the employment of the Department by virtue of this Article.

Compensation to employees of Agricultural Trust for loss of employmentN.I.

4.—(1) The Agricultural Trust may, with the approval of the Department, pay such compensation as it considers appropriate to or in respect of employees of the Trust who—

(a)suffer loss of employment after the making of this Order; or

(b)have suffered such loss before that making,

because the Trust is to be dissolved.

(2) The Department may pay such compensation as it considers appropriate to or in respect of such employees of the Trust as suffer loss of employment by virtue of Article 3.

Art. 5—Repeals