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SCHEDULE 7N.I.Supervision and assessment orders

Part 5 N.I.Breach of order

13—(1) This paragraph applies where—N.I.

(a)a supervision and assessment order is in force, and

(b)the supervising officer applies to the court that made the order for the order to be revoked under this paragraph.

(2) If—

(a)it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that the supervised person (“S”) has, without reasonable excuse, failed to comply with any of the requirements of the order, and

(b)it appears to the court to be in the interests of justice to do so,

the court may revoke the order and deal with S, for the matter in respect of which the order was made, in any manner in which the court could deal with S if a finding mentioned in section 207(1) had just been recorded by it in respect of that matter.

(3) In doing so, the court must take into account the extent to which S has complied with the requirements of the order.

(4) In proceedings under this paragraph any question as to whether S has failed to comply with the requirements of the order is to be determined by the court and not by the verdict of a jury.

(5) Where the court proposes to exercise its powers under this paragraph, it must summon S to appear before the court and, if S does not appear in answer to the summons, may issue a warrant for the arrest of S.