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Children and young persons strategyN.I.

3—(1) The Executive must adopt a strategy (the “children and young persons strategy”) setting out how it proposes to improve the well-being of children and young persons.

(2) The strategy must in particular set out—

(a)what outcomes the Executive intends should be achieved for that purpose;

(b)what actions will be taken by Northern Ireland departments (among others) for the purpose of achieving those outcomes;

(c)how it will be determined whether, and to what extent, the outcomes have been achieved.

(3) The strategy must state the period within which it is intended that the outcomes should be achieved (the “lifetime” of the strategy).

(4) Before adopting the strategy, the Executive must consult—

(a)children and young persons,

(b)parents and guardians of children and young persons,

(c)such persons representing the views and interests of children and young persons as the Executive thinks appropriate, and

(d)such other persons as the Executive thinks appropriate.

(5) The Executive may—

(a)revise or replace the strategy if the Executive is satisfied that changes in circumstances justify doing so;

(b)amend the strategy by extending its lifetime.

(6) The Executive must—

(a)lay the strategy, and any revisions to it, before the Assembly, and

(b)publish it, and any revisions, in such other manner as the Executive thinks appropriate.

(7) At the end of the lifetime of the strategy, the Executive must adopt a new one.

(8) Subsections (2) to (7) apply to any new strategy.