Existing schemes: supplementary

Existing local government scheme

28.—(1) This section applies in relation to regulations under Article 9 of the Superannuation Order, which are in force immediately before the coming into force of this section.

(2) To the extent that—

(a)such regulations make provision for the payment of pensions and other benefits to or in respect of a person in relation to the person’s service on or after 1 April 2015, and

(b)that provision could be made under scheme regulations,

the regulations are to have effect as if they were scheme regulations relating to local government workers.

(3) Accordingly, to that extent a scheme under such regulations is to have effect as a scheme under section 1.

Existing schemes for civil servants: extension of access

29.   Schedule 9 amends the Superannuation Order so as to extend access to schemes under Article 3 of that Order (schemes as respects civil servants, etc.).

Police pensions

30.—(1) Regulations C9 and C9A of the Royal Ulster Constabulary Pension Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1988 (S.R. 1988 No. 374), as substituted by Schedule 1 to the Police Service of Northern Ireland Pensions (Amendment No. 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006, (S.R. 2006 No. 152) (widow’s, etc. pension or gratuity to terminate on re-marriage or other event) shall cease to have effect as from the reinstatement date.

(2) Where any person’s entitlement to receive payment on account of a pension or a gratuity under the Regulations of 1988 was terminated by virtue of regulation C9 or C9A, the pension or gratuity shall be reinstated and become payable as from the reinstatement date.

(3) Nothing in this section authorises or requires any payment on account of a pension in respect of any period before the reinstatement date.

(4) For the purposes of this section the reinstatement date is 1 July 2014.