Explanatory Memorandum

Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2012

2012 CHAPTER 3

1 June 2012

Hansard Reports

The following table sets out the dates of the Hansard reports for each stage of the Act’s passage through the Assembly.

Introduction of the Act to the Committee for Social Development8 December 2011
First Stage23 January 2012
Second Stage31 January 2012
Committee Stage – Departmental briefing and evidence from Access to Benefits and Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance2 February 2012
Committee Stage – Departmental briefing9 February 2012
Committee Stage – Departmental briefing16 February 2012
Committee Stage – consideration of section 1, sections 3-35 and Schedules 1-423 February 2012
Committee Stage – Publication of Committee’s report on the Act (Reference: NIA 40/11-15)8 March 2012
Consideration Stage27 March 2012
Further Consideration Stage24 April 2012
Final Stage8 May 2012
Royal Assent1 June 2012