Explanatory Memorandum

Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2012

2012 CHAPTER 3

1 June 2012

Commentary on Sections

Part 2: Automatic Enrolment

Section 13: Certification that alternative to quality requirement is satisfied

Section 13 amends section 28 of the Pensions (No. 2) Act and introduces alternative self-certification arrangements for employers. Employers using money purchase occupational pension schemes, personal pension schemes or certain types of hybrid schemes to discharge their enrolment duties will be able to use section 28 to certify that their scheme satisfies the relevant quality requirements, providing the scheme satisfies certain alternative requirements, to be prescribed in regulations.

Subsections (2) and (3) make minor consequential amendments as a result of the substantive changes to section 28.

Subsection (4) inserts a new subsection (1A) into section 28 defining “relevant jobholder” as a jobholder to whom a certificate applies and providing that a reference to a “scheme” in that section includes a reference to part of a scheme.

Subsection (5) amends subsection (2) to include a new paragraph (b). The amended section 28(2) provides that the certificate must state that, in the opinion of the person giving it, the scheme being certified either satisfies the relevant quality requirements, or an alternative prescribed requirement, throughout the certification period.

Subsection (6) makes minor consequential amendments to section 28(6).

Subsection (7) amends section 32(1)(b) of the Pensions (No. 2) Act to enable scheme trustees to modify an occupational pension scheme by resolution to satisfy the quality requirements contained in section 20(1) or those requirements as modified under section 24(1)(a), or section 28(2)(b).