Explanatory Memorandum

Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

2011 CHAPTER 24

4 May 2011


14.The Act consists of 112 sections and 8 Schedules and is divided into 10 Parts.

15.Part 1 of the Act provides new services to victims and witnesses. Chapter 1 creates a new offender levy and Chapter 2 expands the special measures facilities available to vulnerable and intimidated witnesses. Part 2 provides an expansion in court services by extending the range of matters that can be dealt with by way of live video link.

16.Part 3 creates new Policing and Community Safety Partnership structures.

17.Part 4 creates a new package of powers in the area of sports and spectator law designed to promote good behaviour amongst sports fans in Northern Ireland.

18.Part 5 provides a series of standalone and individual sentencing powers across a range of areas under the collective heading of Treatment of Offenders.

19.Part 6 creates new alternatives to prosecution by introducing penalty notices and conditional cautions.

20.Part 7 makes a series of changes to legal aid legislation.

21.Part 8 extends solicitors’ rights of audience in the higher courts in Northern Ireland.

22.Finally Part 9 provides for improvements to a range of miscellaneous powers available to courts along with several other business improvement matters.