Commentary on Sections

Part 3: Supplementary provisions

Section 34: Transitional provisions

This section makes necessary provision allowing for the move from the current system for dealing with the investigation of complaints to the system introduced by the legislation.

Section 35: Orders

This section gives the Commission authority to make statutory rules, which will enable it to amend the lists of persons who are disqualified from being a member of the Panel or being Commissioner.

Section 36: Consequential amendments

This section applies Schedule 5, which contains amendments consequential on the legislation. In particular, the Panel will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act and the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman.

Section 37: Interpretation: general

This section contains definitions of terms used in the Act.

Section 38: Commencement

This section provides for the commencement of the legislation. Certain sections will come into force on the day on which this Bill receives Royal Assent and the remaining sections will come into operation on such day or days as the Commission may by order appoint.

Section 39: Short title

This section contains the short title of the legislation.