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Registers of information and documents to be kept by district councilsN.I.

9  After Article 19 of the principal Order insert—

Registers to be kept by district councils

19A(1) A district council shall keep in a register such information and documents as may be prescribed in connection with its functions, powers and duties conferred or imposed by or under this Order.

(2) The information and documents that may be prescribed for the purposes of paragraph (1) include, in particular—

(a)documents that are given or issued to, or deposited with, a district council in accordance with provision made by or under this Order, or copies of such documents;

(b)copies of documents that are given, made or issued by a district council in accordance with provision so made;

(c)information with respect to documents of the kind mentioned in sub-paragraph (a) or (b);

(d)information with respect to matters to which such documents relate.

(3) Information and documents that are required to be kept in a register under paragraph (1) shall be so kept for the prescribed period.

(4) A district council—

(a)shall maintain the register referred to in paragraph (1) in such manner and form as may be prescribed;

(b)shall ensure that the register is available for inspection by members of the public during prescribed periods;

(c)shall, in prescribed circumstances, provide to members of the public, on request, copies of information and documents kept in the register;

(d)may, in prescribed circumstances, charge a member of the public to whom it provides such copies a fee calculated in the prescribed manner.

(5) In this Article “documents” includes notices, certificates, orders, consents, demands and plans..