Explanatory Memorandum

Welfare Reform Act (Northern Ireland) 2007

2007 CHAPTER 2

27 June 2007

Options Considered

9.Full details of all of the options considered are detailed in the overall Regulatory Impact Assessment for the Act(3).

10.For example, having consulted the public and evaluated the options, the option to roll out Pathways to Work and replace incapacity benefits with the employment and support allowance was considered the best option to ensure the correct balance of rights and responsibilities and to complement the Pathways to Work programme.

11.Also, the option of a local housing allowance paid to tenants restructures the benefit support for people on low incomes by moving to a more simple and transparent way of calculating housing costs met by housing benefit. It was considered that this option provides substantial long-term benefits for tenants with regard to better work incentives and increased personal responsibility.