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10.—(1) Subject to the following provisions of this paragraph and paragraph 11, INI may regulate—N.I.

(a)its own procedure (including quorum); and

(b)the procedure (including quorum) of its committees.

(2) INI shall make provision for a quorum for meetings of its committees to include at least one member or employee of INI.

11.—(1) A member who is in any way, directly or indirectly, interested in any matter which falls to be considered by INI shall disclose the nature of his interest at a meeting of INI and the disclosure shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.N.I.

(2) Where such a disclosure is made by any member in relation to any matter, he shall not take part in any deliberation or decision of INI with respect to the matter, if INI decides that the interest in question might prejudicially affect the member's consideration of the matter.

(3) For the purposes of this paragraph a notice given by a member at a meeting of INI to the effect that he is a member of a specified body corporate or firm and is to be regarded as interested in any matter concerning the body or firm which falls to be considered by INI after the date of the notice shall be a sufficient disclosure of his interest.

(4) A member need not attend in person at a meeting of INI in order to make a disclosure which he is required to make under this paragraph, if he takes reasonable steps to secure that the disclosure is made by a notice which is taken into consideration at such a meeting.

(5) Sub-paragraphs (1) to (4) apply in relation to committees of INI as they apply in relation to INI.

12.  The validity of any proceedings of INI, or of any of its committees, shall not be affected by—N.I.

(a)any vacancy among the members of INI or of members of the committee;

(b)any vacancy in the office of the chairman or deputy chairman of INI;

(c)any defect in the appointment of any one or more members or of the chairman or deputy chairman of INI; or

(d)any failure to comply with paragraph 11.