Commentary on Sections

Section 15 - General provisions about orders and regulations

27.This section amends section 27 of the Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 which makes provision for orders and regulations to be made by statutory instrument, ancillary powers to make provision by order or regulations and Assembly scrutiny procedures.

28.Section 15(2) amends section 27(2) of the 2008 Measure to expand the scope of the powers to make orders and regulations under the 2008 Measure to include:

29.The purpose of section 15(3) is to provide that all of the powers to make regulations under the Measure include the power to make consequential amendments. And the purpose of subsection (4) is to provide that the power to make incidental, supplementary, transitional, saving or consequential provision under the powers includes power to amend or repeal provisions of Assembly Measures, UK Acts and subordinate legislation passed or made before the passing of the Measure. Subsection (5) is the provision which applies an affirmative resolution procedure to all regulations made under the Measure and to any order made under section 14N(6).