Commentary on Sections

Section 144 – Abolition of the Board’s general functions and replacement of schemes with standards

283.This section marks the beginning of the second transitional period. It provides for the move from the Welsh language scheme regime (Part 2 of the 1993 Act) and the functions of the Board (section 3 of the 1993 Act) to the new standards regime provided for in this Measure.

284.This section abolishes the functions of the Board under section 3 of the 1993 Act, including those which have been transferred under section 143 during the first transitional phase.

285.Where a person comes within Part 2 of the 1993 Act, and then becomes subject to the new standards regime under section 25(1) of this Measure, Part 2 will no longer apply to it.

286.This section also repeals certain provisions of the 1993 Act.