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Part 3 SAuthorisation of removal and use of part of body of deceased person


Chapter 4SAuthorisations: general

20Withdrawal by person who is blind or unable to writeS

(1)The 2006 Act is amended as follows.

(2)After section 10C insert—

10DWithdrawal by person who is blind or unable to write

(1)This section applies where a person who is blind or unable to write decides to withdraw—

(a)an authorisation by virtue of—

(i)section 6A(1),

(ii)section 6H(5),

(iii)section 8A(1),

(iv)section 8D(4),

(v)section 10(1B),

(vi)section 10A(6),

(b)a declaration by virtue of—

(i)section 6C(1),

(ii)section 8C(1).

(2)The withdrawal may be—

(a)in writing by another person, and

(b)signed by an adult (a “signatory”).

(3)A withdrawal that is signed by a signatory must—

(a)be witnessed by one witness, and

(b)contain a statement made in accordance with subsection (4).

(4)The statement must—

(a)state that the person, in the presence of the signatory and the witness, expressed the intention to withdraw the authorisation or, as the case may be, the declaration,

(b)state that the person requested the signatory to sign the withdrawal,

(c)be signed by the signatory and the witness in the presence of—

(i)each other, and

(ii)the person..

(3)In section 6, subsections (3) to (5) are repealed.

(4)In section 8, subsections (3) to (6) are repealed.