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PART 2 SCremation

Crematorium: further requirementsS


61Closure of crematoriumS

(1)Where a crematorium is to close, the cremation authority for the crematorium must give an inspector of cremation notice in accordance with subsection (2) of the day on which the crematorium is to close.

(2)Notice under subsection (1)—

(a)must be given—

(i)where practicable, at least 3 months before the day on which the crematorium is to close, or

(ii)otherwise, on the first day before the crematorium is to close on which it is practicable to give notice, and

(b)must be in writing.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make further provision for or in connection with the closure of crematoriums.

(4)Regulations under subsection (3) may in particular make provision requiring a cremation authority—

(a)to provide specified information to an inspector of cremation,

(b)to comply with specified requirements about the transfer of specified information, or

(c)to comply with specified requirements about other matters relating to the closure of a crematorium.

(5)In this section, “specified” means specified in the regulations.