Explanatory Notes

Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014

2014 asp 10

15 April 2014

Commentary on Sections

Part 5 – Decision-Making and Composition.Decisions in First-tier Tribunal

Decisions in Upper Tribunal

Section 40 – Composition of the Tribunal

167.This section provides for the Scottish Ministers to make regulations providing for the composition of the Upper Tribunal when convened to decide a case falling within its jurisdiction. Such regulations may provide for the determination of the number of members who are to hear a particular matter as well as the types of member (whether ordinary, legal or judicial) that those members should be.

168.Such regulations may also make separate provision depending on whether the Upper Tribunal is exercising functions at first instance or on review or appeal (subsection (2)).

169.Where the regulations provide for a judicial member to be part of the convened Tribunal, the regulations may also make provision requiring the judicial member to be of a particular type (whether a sheriff, sheriff principal or judge of the Court of Session) as well as for the involvement of any extra judge who is authorised to act under section 18(5) (subsection (5)).

170.Where the regulations provide for an ordinary member to be part of the convened Tribunal, the regulations may also make provision for determining the qualifications, experience and training that that member should possess (subsection (6)).

171.By virtue of section 11(2), regulations made under section 40 may make provision authorising the President of Tribunals, or relying on Tribunal Rules (see commentary on section 62), to determine these matters. By virtue of section 12(2), the Scottish Ministers must consult the President of Tribunals before making regulations under section 40.