SCHEDULE 2Ancillary works

(introduced by section 1)

1Works for accommodation of apparatus, plant or machinery.

2Works for accommodation of site compounds (for example, compounds to include offices and other staff facilities, visitor facilities and facilities for manufacturing processes).

3Works to strengthen, underpin, protect, alter or demolish any building.

4Works to stabilise the condition of any land.

5Works for the purposes of flood prevention.

6Works to alter the position of any existing apparatus or street furniture (including mains and cables).

7Works to install or provide lighting, apparatus, street furniture or intelligent transport systems.

8Works to provide new, or to improve existing, means of access to any road or premises.

9Landscaping, drainage, ecological or other works to mitigate any adverse effects arising from the carrying out, maintenance or operation of the principal works.

10Works for the benefit or protection of premises affected by the principal works.

11Works to remove any works carried out under this Act which are temporary works or which are no longer required.