Explanatory Notes

Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011

2011 asp 14

20 April 2011

Structure and Summary of the Act

Part 5 – General

Section 38 - Interpretation

49.Section 38 defines various expressions used in the Act.

Section 39 - Ancillary provision

50.Section 39 confers on Ministers a power to make by order such consequential supplementary, incidental, transitional, transitory or saving provision as they consider necessary or expedient for the purposes of, in consequence of, or for the purposes of giving full effect to, any provision of the Act. Such an order may modify any enactment.

Section 40 - Orders

51.Section 40 provides procedural requirements for orders and regulations made under the Act.

Section 41 - Short title and Commencement

52.Section 41 gives the short title of the Act and provides that the provisions of the Act (except sections 38 to 41, which come into force at the beginning of the day following the day on which the Bill receives Royal Assent) will come into force on a date or dates determined by order, made by Ministers.