SCHEDULE 12Care services: definitions

8(1)An “adoption service” is any service which is—

(a)provided by a local authority under subsection (1) of section 1 of the Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 (asp 4); or

(b)provided by a person other than a local authority and which consists of, or includes, services mentioned in subsection (4) of that section (the reference in subsection (5) of that section to a local authority being taken, for the purposes of this paragraph, to be a reference to a person other than a local authority), (whether the person functions generally or in relation to a service provided, under that section).

(2)For the purpose of sub-paragraph (1)(b)—

(a)the making by a person of arrangements for the adoption of a child by a relevant person; or

(b)the placing by a person of a child for adoption with a relevant person,

is not an adoption service.

(3)In sub-paragraph (2), “relevant person” means—

(a)a parent of the child;

(b)any other relative of the child; or

(c)where a parent of the child is a member of a relevant couple, the other member of the couple.

(4)In sub-paragraph (3)—