Explanatory Notes

Marine (Scotland) Act 2010

2010 asp 5

10 March 2010

The Act

Part 7 – Common Enforcement Powers Etc.: Licensing and Marine Protection Etc.

Common enforcement powers of entry, search and seizure

Section 134 - Power to board and inspect vessels and marine installations

195.Section 134 sets out the powers of marine enforcement officers to board and inspect vessels and marine installations. Enforcement officers may require a vessel or marine installation to stop or do anything else that would assist them in boarding or disembarking and in carrying out their enforcement duties. The power extends to things which may be under the control of someone on the vessel or installation, such as a vessel under tow. Marine installations that can move under their own power include jack-up rigs and work platforms. The powers also allow officers to require assistance from someone present who has some control over the situation.