Explanatory Notes

Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010

2010 asp 16

9 November 2010

Overview of the Structure of the Act

6.This Act has 150 sections and 9 schedules. Section 149 contains definitions used in the Act and schedule 9 is an index of expressions used in the Act. The Act is structured into 5 Parts, and these Explanatory Notes are divided into 5 Parts reflecting that structure. A brief overview is set out below which is followed by a detailed description of the sections of the Act in the commentary on the sections. Terms are defined when first used but not otherwise. An explanation to accompany each schedule is contained within the section that introduces the schedule.

7.Part 1 sets out the regulatory objectives and principles that will govern regulators, the professional principles that will be required of practitioners, and a definition of legal services.

8.Part 2 establishes the regulatory framework within which approved regulators and licensed providers will operate.

9.Part 3 contains provisions relating to confirmation agents and non-lawyer will writers.

10.Part 4 contains provisions affecting the regulation of individual legal professionals (as opposed to licensed providers) and modifying the duties of other public bodies.

11.Part 5 contains general and ancillary provisions. Also, schedule 9 contains an index of expressions used in the Act.