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SCHEDULE 2SAmendments of the Ethical Standards Act

Employees, remuneration and pensions, advisers etc.S

10SIn paragraph 7 (employees)—

(a)in sub-paragraphs (2) and (4) for “Ministers” in each place where it occurs, there is substituted “ it ”, and

(b)after sub-paragraph (4) there is inserted—

(4A)The exercise of a power in this paragraph requires the approval of the Parliamentary corporation.

11SParagraph 8 (remuneration, pensions etc. of Chief Investigating Officer and staff) is repealed.

12SBefore paragraph 9 there is inserted—

Advisers and other servicesS

8A(1)The Commission may obtain advice, assistance or any other service from any person who, in the opinion of the Commission, is qualified to give it.

(2)The Commission may pay to that person such fees and allowances as the Commission determines.

(3)Any payment under sub-paragraph (2) is subject to the approval of the Parliamentary corporation.