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Part 5 SOther climate change provisions

Chapter 5SWaste reduction and recycling

Deposit and returnS

85Deposit and return schemes: designation of scheme administratorS

(1)The Scottish Ministers may, by order, designate—

(a)a body established under section 86(1); or

(b)such other person or body as they consider appropriate (an “existing body”),

as a scheme administrator of a deposit and return scheme established by virtue of section 84.

(2)An order under subsection (1)(b) may, in so far as the Scottish Ministers consider it necessary or expedient to do so, modify the functions of an existing body by—

(a)conferring functions on;

(b)removing functions from; or

(c)otherwise varying the functions of,

the body.

(3)That order may in particular include provision about—

(a)borrowing by the existing body (with the approval of the Scottish Ministers);

(b)the charging by the body, in respect of the exercise of its functions in relation to a deposit and return scheme, of such reasonable amounts as the Scottish Ministers consider appropriate.

(4)In exercising functions in relation to a deposit and return scheme, a scheme administrator must comply with any written directions of a general or specific nature as the Scottish Ministers may from time to time give to it in relation to those functions.

Commencement Information

I1S. 85 in force at 31.10.2009 by S.S.I. 2009/341, art. 2(2)(a)