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Miscellaneous and generalS


(1)The Scottish Ministers may by order specify—

(a)the fee payable in respect of matters mentioned in this Act for which an appropriate fee is payable,

(b)other matters in relation to the Register in respect of which fees are payable and the amount of such fees.

(2)The power to make an order under subsection (1) is to be exercised by statutory instrument; and a statutory instrument containing such an order is subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of the Scottish Parliament.

(3)The Scottish Ministers must consult the Keeper before making an order under subsection (1).

(4)An order under subsection (1) may specify—

(a)different amounts for different purposes,

(b)circumstances in which no fee is payable.

(5)The Keeper may waive a fee specified under subsection (1) in such circumstances as the Keeper may, with the approval of the Scottish Ministers, specify.