Explanatory Notes

Scottish Register of Tartans Act 2008

2008 asp 7

13 November 2008

Summary of and Background to the Act

Section 11:  Amendment of Register: Request Other Than by Applicant

28.This section provides additional procedure to that set out in section 10 where a person (called in subsection (1) a “third party”) seeks an amendment of an entry in relation to which that person did not make an application for registration. Where a third party seeks the amendment, the Keeper will contact the original applicant to send them a copy of the third party request to amend their registration and invite written comments within 28 days. Where the original applicant does comment, the Keeper will send those comments to the third party applicant and invite their comment. Again, the procedures set out in this section do not apply if the request is for correction of the sort of errors the Keeper can put right under section 12. The procedure in section 11 does not apply to the amendment of an entry made from an existing collection as in such a case there is no original applicant.