Part 3Public health investigations

Public health investigations

21Public health investigations

(1)In this Part, a “public health investigation” means an investigation into the cause (or causes) of a public health incident.

(2)A public health investigation may be carried out by a person appointed for the purpose by—

(a)the Scottish Ministers;

(b)a health board competent person;

(c)the common services agency;

(d)a local authority competent person;

(e)two or more of the persons mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (d) acting together,

and, in this Part, that person is known as an “investigator”.

(3)Despite subsection (2)(b) and (d), a health board competent person or a local authority competent person may be appointed as an investigator.

(4)If an investigator considers it necessary for the purpose of, or in connection with, a public health investigation, the investigator may, subject to section 25(1), exercise—

(a)the powers relating to entry to premises mentioned in section 22;

(b)the other investigatory powers mentioned in section 23; and

(c)the power to ask questions mentioned in section 24.