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SCHEDULE 2SAccruing resources of the Scottish Administration which may be used without individual limit

Part 5SJustice portfolio

Overall amount: [F1£57,000,000]

Type of accruing resourcesPurpose
1. Superannuation contributions for police officers on secondment to the Scottish Police College (SPC); charges for students from outwith Scottish Police Forces; charges for use of SPC for various activitiesExpenditure of the SPC
2. Contributions made by the Scottish Police Federation to the cost of salaries, etc. of their secretary and chairman; receipts from fixed penalty noticesExpenditure on police services
3. Income from sale of prison-manufactured goods, services and other industries income; various income including income from land and buildingsExpenditure of the Scottish Prison Service
4. General income of the Scottish Fire Services College, including that from fire related and other organisations which use the college's teaching and conference facilities on a repayment basisExpenditure [F2on Scottish Resilience]
5. Civil contingencies income from sale of surplus and obsolete equipment; course income; rents from other bodies using radio masts or stations owned by the Scottish ExecutiveExpenditure [F3on Scottish Resilience]
6. Superannuation contributions collected by the Scottish Legal Aid BoardExpenditure on legal aid
7. Income from cinematography exemption certificate fees and criminal statistics and other miscellaneous receiptsMiscellaneous expenditure
8. Fees for civil cases; rent from minor occupiersExpenditure of the Scottish Court Service
9. Income from sequestrationExpenditure on the Accountant in Bankruptcy

[F410Income from proceeds of crime

Expenditure on Community Safety]