Explanatory Notes

Abolition of Bridge Tolls (Scotland) Act 2008

2008 asp 1

24 January 2008

Commentary on Sections

Abolition of bridge tolls

Section 1: Forth Road Bridge

5.Section 1 removes the ability to make and enforce tolls on the Forth Road Bridge. Subsection (1) repeals an offence-creating provision that enables penalties to be applied in respect of the failure to pay tolls. Subsection (2) repeals provisions relating to the setting and recovery of tolls on the bridge and a consequential reference to the period during which tolls may be demanded and taken.

Section 2: Tay Road Bridge

6.Section 2 paragraph (b) repeals provisions relating to the making and enforcement of tolls on the Tay Road Bridge. Paragraph (a) removes the reference to toll income to be used in respect of the management of the bridge. Paragraph (c) repeals a provision relating to powers to make byelaws in respect of the collection of tolls, and paragraph (d) removes the power of the Joint Board to make representations to the Scottish Ministers on the level of tolls.