Part 1Local government elections

Personal identifiers

22Provision of fresh signatures

(1)This section applies to a person—

(a)who is included in the record kept under paragraph 3(4) or 7(6) (record of persons granted applications to vote by post or proxy or by post as proxy for definite or indefinite period) of Schedule 4 to the 2000 Act, and

(b)whose signature is shown on the record kept under section 21(6).

(2)Such a person may, at any time, provide the registration officer with a fresh signature.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make provision—

(a)enabling the registration officer, in such circumstances as may be prescribed in the regulations, to require any person to whom this section applies to provide a fresh signature,

(b)as to the consequences of such a person refusing or failing, in such circumstances as may be so prescribed, to comply with such a requirement.

(4)Where a person provides a fresh signature by virtue of this section, the registration officer must amend the record kept under section 21(6) in relation to that person so as to replace the existing signature with the fresh signature.