Part 1Animal health

Powers of slaughter

3Disease control (slaughter) statement

After section 32E (inserted by section 1 of this Act) of the 1981 Act there is inserted—

32FDisease control (slaughter) statement: Scotland

(1)Before exercising, in relation to a particular event or state of affairs (regardless of its geographical extent), a power of slaughter conferred by or under—

(a)section 16B of this Act; or

(b)Schedule 3A to this Act,

the Scottish Ministers must make a statement under this subsection.

(2)The statement—


(i)describe the event or state of affairs concerned; and

(ii)express the reason why there is (in addition to, or as an alternative to, other courses of action) to be resort to exercise of that particular power for the relevant purpose;

(b)may include further information, for example—

(i)about factors that have been taken into account (including types of advice to which regard has been had);

(ii)as to procedures that are to be followed.

(3)The Scottish Ministers are to—

(a)make the statement in such manner; and

(b)publicise the statement to such extent,

as they consider appropriate..