SCHEDULE 4Level crossings

(introduced by section 8)

Part 1Continuing level crossings

Local government areaSheet of Parliamentary plansRoadLocation
StirlingSheet 4Ladysneuk RoadWaterside level crossing
ClackmannanshireSheet 9Gogar LoanBlackgrange level crossing, West Gogar
ClackmannanshireSheet 12Station RoadCambus level crossing, Cambus

Part 2Level crossings to be stopped up and discontinued

Local government areaSheet of Parliamentary plansRoadLocation
StirlingSheet 5Grange RoadAbbeycraig level crossing, Abbey Craig
ClackmannanshireSheet 11Unnamed path between the A907 Stirling Road and New Mills (possible right of way)New Mills level crossing, New Mills
ClackmannanshireSheet 15Grange Road, AlloaGrange Road level crossing, Alloa
ClackmannanshireSheet 18Hilton Road, AlloaHilton Road level crossing, Alloa

Part 3Enactments disapplied

Highway (Railway Crossings) Act 1839 (c. 45).

Section 9 of the Railway Regulation Act 1842 (c. 55).

Section 40 of the 1845 Act.

Section 6 of the Railway Clauses Act 1863 (c. 92).

Any Order made before this Act comes into force under section 42 of the Road and Rail Traffic Act 1933 (c. 53), section 66 of the British Transport Commission Act 1957 (c.xxxiii) or section 1 of the Level Crossings Act 1983 (c. 16).

Any provision of the existing enactments relating to any of the level crossings described in Part 1 or Part 2 of this schedule.