Chwilio Deddfwriaeth

Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003


Dyma’r fersiwn wreiddiol (fel y’i gwnaed yn wreiddiol).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part 1 Real burdens: general

    1. Meaning and creation

      1. 1.The expression “real burden”

      2. 2.Affirmative, negative and ancillary burdens

      3. 3.Other characteristics

      4. 4.Creation

      5. 5.Further provision as respects constitutive deed

      6. 6.Further provision as respects creation

    2. Duration, enforceability and liability

      1. 7.Duration

      2. 8.Right to enforce

      3. 9.Persons against whom burdens are enforceable

      4. 10.Affirmative burdens: continuing liability of former owner

      5. 11.Affirmative burdens: shared liability

    3. Division of benefited or burdened property

      1. 12.Division of a benefited property

      2. 13.Division of a burdened property

    4. Construction

      1. 14.Construction

    5. Extinction

      1. 15.Discharge

      2. 16.Acquiescence

      3. 17.Further provision as regards extinction where no interest to enforce

      4. 18.Negative prescription

      5. 19.Confusio not to extinguish real burden

    6. Termination

      1. 20.Notice of termination

      2. 21.Intimation

      3. 22.Oath or affirmation before notary public

      4. 23.Prerequisite certificate for registration of notice of termination

      5. 24.Effect of registration of notice of termination

  3. Part 2 Community burdens

    1. Meaning, creation etc.

      1. 25.The expression “community burdens”

      2. 26.Creation of community burdens: supplementary provision

      3. 27.Effect on units of statement that burdens are community burdens

    2. Management of community

      1. 28.Power of majority to appoint manager etc.

      2. 29.Power of majority to instruct common maintenance

      3. 30.Owners' decision binding

      4. 31.Remuneration of manager

    3. Variation, discharge etc.

      1. 32.The expressions “affected unit” and “adjacent unit”

      2. 33.Majority etc. variation and discharge of community burdens

      3. 34.Variation or discharge under section 33: intimation

      4. 35.Variation and discharge of community burdens by owners of adjacent units

      5. 36.Variation and discharge under section 35: intimation

      6. 37.Preservation of community burden in respect of which deed of variation or discharge has been granted as mentioned in section 35(1)

  4. Part 3 Conservation and other personal real burdens

    1. Conservation burdens

      1. 38.Conservation burdens

      2. 39.Assignation

      3. 40.Enforcement where no completed title

      4. 41.Completion of title

      5. 42.Extinction of burden on body ceasing to be conservation body

    2. Rural housing burdens

      1. 43.Rural housing burdens

    3. Maritime burdens

      1. 44.Maritime burdens

    4. Economic development burdens

      1. 45.Economic development burdens

    5. Health care burdens

      1. 46.Health care burdens

    6. General

      1. 47.Interest to enforce

      2. 48.Discharge

  5. Part 4 Transitional: implied rights of enforcement

    1. Extinction of implied rights of enforcement

      1. 49.Extinction

      2. 50.Preservation

      3. 51.Duties of Keeper: amendments relating to unenforceable real burdens

    2. New implied rights of enforcement

      1. 52.Common schemes: general

      2. 53.Common schemes: related properties

      3. 54.Sheltered housing

      4. 55.Grant of deed of variation or discharge of community burdens relating to sheltered or retirement housing: community consultation notice

      5. 56.Facility burdens and service burdens

      6. 57.Further provisions as respects rights of enforcement

      7. 58.Duty of Keeper to enter on title sheet statement concerning enforcement rights

  6. Part 5 Real burdens: miscellaneous

    1. 59.Effect of extinction etc. on court proceedings

    2. 60.Grant of deed where title not completed: requirements

    3. 61.Contractual liability incidental to creation of real burden

    4. 62.Real burdens of combined type

    5. 63.Manager burdens

    6. 64.Overriding power to dismiss and appoint manager

    7. 65.Manager: transitory provisions

    8. 66.The expression “related properties”

    9. 67.Discharge of rights of irritancy

    10. 68.Requirement for repetition etc. of terms of real burden in future deed

    11. 69.Further provision as respects deeds of variation and of discharge

    12. 70.Duty to disclose identity of owner

  7. Part 6 Development management scheme

    1. 71.Development management scheme

    2. 72.Application of other provisions of this Act to rules of scheme

    3. 73.Disapplication

    4. 74.Intimation of proposal to register deed of disapplication

  8. Part 7 Servitudes

    1. Positive servitudes

      1. 75.Creation of positive servitude by writing: deed to be registered

      2. 76.Disapplication of requirement that positive servitude created in writing be of a known type

      3. 77.Positive servitude of leading pipes etc. over or under land

      4. 78.Discharge of positive servitude

    2. Negative servitudes

      1. 79.Prohibition on creation of negative servitude

    3. Transitional

      1. 80.Negative servitudes to become real burdens

      2. 81.Certain real burdens to become positive servitudes

  9. Part 8 Pre-emption and reversion

    1. Pre-emption

      1. 82.Application and interpretation of sections 83 and 84

      2. 83.Extinction following pre-sale undertaking

      3. 84.Extinction following offer to sell

      4. 85.Ending of council’s right of pre-emption as respects certain churches

    2. Reversion

      1. 86.Reversions under School Sites Act 1841

      2. 87.Right to petition under section 7 of Entail Sites Act 1840

      3. 88.Prescriptive period for obligations arising by virtue of 1841 Act or 1840 Act

      4. 89.Repeal of Reversion Act 1469

  10. Part 9 Title conditions: powers of Lands Tribunal

    1. 90.Powers of Lands Tribunal as respects title conditions

    2. 91.Special provision as to variation or discharge of community burdens

    3. 92.Early application for discharge: restrictive provisions

    4. 93.Notification of application

    5. 94.Content of notice

    6. 95.Persons entitled to make representations

    7. 96.Representations

    8. 97.Granting unopposed application for discharge or renewal of real burden

    9. 98.Granting other applications for variation, discharge, renewal or preservation of title condition

    10. 99.Granting applications as respects development management schemes

    11. 100.Factors to which the Lands Tribunal are to have regard in determining applications etc.

    12. 101.Regulation of applications to Lands Tribunal

    13. 102.Referral to Lands Tribunal of notice dispute

    14. 103.Expenses

    15. 104.Taking effect of orders of Lands Tribunal etc.

  11. Part 10 Miscellaneous

    1. Consequential alterations to Land Register

      1. 105.Alterations to Land Register consequential upon registering certain deeds

    2. Compulsory acquisition of land

      1. 106.Extinction of real burdens and servitudes etc. on compulsory acquisition of land

      2. 107.Extinction of real burdens and servitudes etc. where land acquired by agreement

    3. Amendments

      1. 108.Amendment of Church of Scotland (Property and Endowments) (Amendment) Act 1933

      2. 109.Amendment of Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure) (Scotland) Act 1947

      3. 110.Amendment of Forestry Act 1967

      4. 111.Amendment of Conveyancing and Feudal Reform (Scotland) Act 1970

      5. 112.Amendment of Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979

      6. 113.Amendment of Enterprise and New Towns (Scotland) Act 1990

      7. 114.Amendment of Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc. (Scotland) Act 2000

    4. Miscellaneous

      1. 115.Further provision as respects notices of preservation or of converted servitude

      2. 116.Benefited property outwith Scotland

      3. 117.Pecuniary real burdens

      4. 118.Common interest

  12. Part 11 Savings, transitional and general

    1. Savings and transitional provisions etc.

      1. 119.Savings and transitional provisions etc.

    2. General

      1. 120.Requirement for dual registration

      2. 121.Crown application

      3. 122.Interpretation

      4. 123.The expression “owner”

      5. 124.Sending

      6. 125.References to distance

      7. 126.Fees chargeable by Lands Tribunal in relation to functions under this Act

      8. 127.Orders, regulations and rules

      9. 128.Minor and consequential amendments, repeals and power to amend forms

      10. 129.Short title and commencement

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Form importing terms of title conditions

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Form of notice of termination

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Form of affixed notice relating to termination

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Form of notice of proposal to register deed of variation or discharge

    5. SCHEDULE 5

      Further form of notice of proposal to register deed of variation or discharge of community burden: sent version

    6. SCHEDULE 6

      Further form of notice of proposal to register deed of variation or discharge of community burden: affixed version

    7. SCHEDULE 7

      Form of notice of preservation

    8. SCHEDULE 8

      Community consultation notice

    9. SCHEDULE 9

      Form of notice of converted servitude

    10. SCHEDULE 10

      Form of undertaking

    11. SCHEDULE 11

      Title conditions not subject to discharge by Lands Tribunal

      1. 1.An obligation, however constituted, relating to the right to work...

      2. 2.In so far as enforceable by or on behalf of—...

      3. 3.An obligation created or imposed in or in relation to...

    12. SCHEDULE 12

      Form of application for relevant certificate

    13. SCHEDULE 13

      Amendment of Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc. (Scotland) Act 2000

      1. 1.The 2000 Act shall be amended in accordance with the...

      2. 2.In section 17 (extinction of superior’s rights)—

      3. 3.In section 18 (reallotment of real burden by nomination of...

      4. 4.In section 20 (reallotment of real burden by order of...

      5. 5.In section 25 (counter-obligations on reallotment)— (a) for the words...

      6. 6.In section 27 (notice preserving right to enforce conservation burden)—...

      7. 7.In section 42 (further provision as respects certain sections of...

      8. 8.In section 43 (notices and agreements under certain sections: extent...

      9. 9.In section 46(2) (discretion of Keeper in relation to entries...

      10. 10.In section 49 (interpretation of Part 4)—

      11. 11.In section 54 (extinction of superior’s rights and obligations qua...

      12. 12.In section 56 (extinction etc. of certain payments analogous to...

      13. 13.In section 73 (feudal terms in enactments and documents: construction...

      14. 14.In section 75 (saving for contractual rights) the existing words...

      15. 15.In section 77 (short title and commencement)—

      16. 16.After schedule 5 there shall be inserted— SCHEDULE 5A Form...

      17. 17.In schedule 8 (form of notice preserving conservation body’s or...

      18. 18.After schedule 8 there shall be inserted— SCHEDULE 8A Form...

      19. 19.After schedule 11 there shall be inserted— SCHEDULE 11A Form...

      20. 20.In schedule 12 (minor and consequential amendments), in paragraph 9(17),...

    14. SCHEDULE 14

      Minor and consequential amendments

      1. 1.Registration of Leases (Scotland) Act 1857 (c. 26)

      2. 2.Titles to Land Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1868 (c. 101)

      3. 3.Conveyancing (Scotland) Act 1924 (c. 27)

      4. 4.Conveyancing and Feudal Reform (Scotland) Act 1970 (c. 35)

      5. 5.Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 (c. 52)

      6. 6.Land Tenure Reform (Scotland) Act 1974 (c. 38)

      7. 7.Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 (c. 33)

      8. 8.Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 (c. 46)

      9. 9.Health and Social Services and Social Security Adjudications Act 1983 (c. 41)

      10. 10.Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 1992 (c. 37)

      11. 11.Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 (c. 44)

      12. 12.Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000 (asp 6)

      13. 13.Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 (asp 11)

    15. SCHEDULE 15


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