Explanatory Notes

Water Industry (Scotland) Act 2002

2002 asp 3

1 March 2002

The Act

Part 1 – Water Industry Commissioner and Customer Panels

Section 5 – Annual reports by, and information from, the Commissioner

21.This section provides for the Commissioner to make annual reports and provide information. Subsection (1), which is based on section 70 of the 1994 Act as amended by the 1999 Act, requires the Commissioner to submit an annual report to the Scottish Ministers at the end of each financial year on the exercise of the Commissioner’s functions and to provide Ministers with any further information on these that they require. Subsection (2) requires the Commissioner’s annual report to summarise action taken by him in the course of the year in connection with Customer Panel recommendations, representations or reports and, where he has decided to take no action, a summary of the reasons. Subsection (3) provides that Commissioner’s annual report must set out any Ministerial directions given to the Commissioner during the year.