Parliamentary History of University of St. Andrews (Postgraduate Medical Degrees) Act 2002

The following table set out, for each Stage of the proceedings in the Scottish Parliament on the Bill for this Act, the dates on which proceedings at that Stage took place, the references to the Official Report of those proceedings and the dates on which Committee Reports were published and the references to those Reports.

Proceedings and ReportsReference
17 April 2002SP Bill 51 (Session 1)
Stage 1
(a) Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee
14th Meeting, 20021 May 2002, col 2605
15th Meeting, 20028 May 2002, cols 2608-2611
16th Meeting, 200215May 2002, col 2614
5th Report 2002 (23 May 2002)SP Paper 588
Stage 1 Report on the University of St. Andrews (Postgraduate Medical Degrees) Bill
(b) Consideration by the Parliament
12 June 2002cols 12543-12551
Stage 2
Committee of the whole Parliament
26 June 2002cols 13053-13057
Stage 3
Consideration by the Parliament
26 June 2002cols 13058-13062
Royal Assent-30 July 2002