Explanatory Notes

Fur Farming (Prohibition) (Scotland) Act 2002

2002 asp 10

11 April 2002

The Act

Section 3: Enforcement of forfeiture orders

17.Section 3(1) gives the court certain powers in relation to the enforcement of a forfeiture order. It may appoint a person to implement the order (subsection (1)(a)), impose requirements on any person as regards the keeping of the animals pending implementation of the order (subsection (1)(b)), make the offender pay the reasonable expenses of implementing the order and, where the offender does not keep the animals, of keeping them pending their destruction or other disposal (subsection (1)(c)).

18.Section 3(1)(d) allows the court to make provision in relation to the operation of a forfeiture order pending the making or determination of any appeal or application.

19.Section 3(2) allows any sums ordered to be paid under section 3(1)(c) to be recovered by civil diligence.

20.Section 3(3) prevents a forfeiture order from being carried out before the end of the period within which an appeal against the making of the order may be made, finally determined or abandoned.